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Which Career is Right for You?

This free assessment can help you identify careers that are a good fit for your interests and skills. Once you complete the assessment and have your career list, use this website to further explore those careers. You can watch videos and review salary and education requirements to see which options are ideal for your future.

Students & Parents

Explore careers that interest you, what you can earn, and the education you'll need to reach your goal.

Educators & Counselors

Prepare yourself and your students for real-world career experiences and higher education learning.


Find opportunities to help the students of today transition to the skilled workforce of tomorrow.

Explore Career Pathways

Careers are organized into 16 career pathways that fit into these 6 larger career clusters. This framework is used by schools to develop classroom curriculum and help students create a career plan for high school and post high school education.

You can use this map to explore career paths of interest, identify careers that are in high demand in our region, see how much someone typically earns, and identify what classes you can take in high school and what certification or degree you might need after high school to reach your goal!

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Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Pathway

Careers in production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing, and development of agricultural commodities

Information Solutions

Careers in arts, audio, video, technology, communication, and information technology

Applied Sciences, Technology, Engineering, & Manufacturing

Careers in architecture, construction, manufacturing, STEM, and transportation

Health Sciences

Careers in therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research

Human Services

Careers in education, human services, hospitality and tourism, government and public administration, law, public safety, corrections, and security

Business, Finance, Marketing, & Administration

Careers in business management and administration, finance, and marketing

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