Collaboration between educators, industry experts, education partners and students has continued throughout the summer.

August 2018
by Kate Moreland
Director of Career Development, ICR IOWA

As summer draws to a close, I am excited to report that the collaboration between educators, industry experts, education partners and students has continued throughout the summer months. The ICR Future Career Connected Learning Coalition will be coming back together on September 14th to share their goals, strategies and metrics for our region in the areas of: Computer Science, Project Based Learning & Soft Skills, Career Exploration, Work- Based Learning and Pathways Curriculum Mapping.

During the fall season there is an overwhelming sense of transition. We are certainly feeling it in our house as one goes off to college and we move on from the elementary school our children have attended after 13 years. As the school year begins there is excitement, and new opportunities await for our teachers and students. As many educators and schools have been exploring how best to prepare students and transition into new modes of teaching and learning, I was reminded of the importance of listening to the customer, the students. This summer I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on the purpose of school through RIPE (Reimagine Iowa City Public Education) and the Iowa Youth Writing Project. It was eye opening. Additional workshops were held for over 100 teens from around the area, providing them an opportunity to explore the purpose of education. Kudos to Jennifer New who took on this brave endeavor to explore with teenagers how the purpose of education is evolving and what that means for our institutions. Check out the Spoken Word video below from a Senior at City High and the article on RIPE to learn more about this unique experience.

In addition to working on ICR Future strategies and metrics this summer, our coalition has been developing the new ICR Future Career Resource Hub for students, parents, educators and business. The goal of the new website is help connect educators, students and parents to the career pathways and information on the most in demand jobs in our region. We plan to launch the new website this fall. Many great partners have assisted in building the hub and we are so thankful to them for their willingness to collaborate and partner in this work. When we put the interests of students first, everyone wins.

August 2018 Newsletter

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