Free Online Kirkwood Courses for High School Students

Kirkwood Community College is offering several Concurrent Enrollment Courses for high school students this summer. All classes will be online.

Sections Available at No Cost

>Fundamentals of Oral Communication, 3 cr. Studies basic communication theory and practice including communication process, interpersonal relationships, small group interaction and public speaking. *SPC-101-ATW403, 6/8/20 – 8/14/20 *SPC-101-ATW482, 7/6/20 – 8/14/20

>Introduction to Psychology, 3 cr. Introduces the scientific study of mental processes and behavior with emphasis on the nervous system, learning and memory, cognition, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, personality, intelligence, stress, psychological disorders and therapy, and social influence. Stresses roles of both theory and empirical evidence in describing, explaining and predicting behavior. Encourages critical thinking about research methods and ethics. *PSY-111-ATW403, 6/8/20 – 8/14/20

>Introduction to Sociology, 3 cr. Surveys the basic principles, concepts, research strategies and empirical findings representative of the field today. The course examines the range of sociological thought, identifies areas of specialization within the discipline and establishes and basis for further study in the field. *SOC-110-ATW403, 6/8/20 – 8/14/20

>Nutrition, 3 cr. Demonstrates the relationship between sound nutrition and good health. Explores energy requirements, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, metabolism, physical exercise, dieting, weight problems, evaluation of nutritional claims, vegetarianism, and proper nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Recent high school biology with a grade of B or higher strongly recommended. *BIO-151-ATW403, 6/8/20 – 8/14/20

Note: graduating seniors are not eligible to participate. Pre-requisite: high school students are required to meet Senior Year Plus Proficiency requirements. For courses listed above that require a textbook, one will be provided but will need to be returned at the end of the course to avoid a fee. For questions, email:

Awarding Credit
>High School Credit:
Students with a passing grade will receive credit from their high school. Individual school districts determine whether the high school credit will meet high school core curriculum or elective requirements.

>College Credit: Students will receive college credit from Kirkwood Community College. An official college transcript will be created and the grade earned in the concurrent credit course will be reflected on the student’s official college transcript.

>Transferring Credit: Students not planning to attend Kirkwood after high school should plan to include their official college transcript as part of their application to other colleges and universities. Kirkwood strives to ensure that academic level courses transfer to other institutions and has transfer agreements with many state university and colleges. If a student plans to attend a private college or an institution out-of-state, please contact the college directly to determine how credits earned will transfer.

Registration through Dual Enroll
Students who have not applied to Kirkwood will need to go to:
Students will need to check their email for information on how to access their k-number.
Using their k-number, students will be able to set up a password at
Registrations can be completed using k-numbers and passwords at

Self-Pay Sections
Students who wish to enroll in other college courses online this summer and self-pay, please email to be connected with an Advisor. Provide your name, name of high school and grad year.

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