The Career Connected Learning Coalition is excited to announce our goals!

October 2018
by Kate Moreland
Director of Career Development, ICR IOWA

The Career Connected Learning Coalition is excited to announce our goals! You will see below that the working groups have established goals and metrics designed to build a talent pipeline for ICR employers. To support this work and coalition goals, a new website will be launching in November to serve as a career-connected learning hub for the region. The site, developed for students, educators, and employers, will include information on career pathways, high-demand careers in ICR, work-based learning opportunities, and so much more!

As the collaborative efforts of ICR Future build, I am continually inspired by the great things happening in education throughout our region. This month I had the opportunity to attend the Johnson County STEM Festival where nearly 2000 students and parents were exposed to STEM careers and experiential learning. My own 12 year old son Jack learned about careers in welding, automotive, microbiology, solar energy, construction, medical technology, computer programming and medical technology in just over an hour. A special thank you to event organizer Kristine Bullock, who serves as the Southeast Iowa Regional STEM Manager, and to all the great businesses and partners including Workplace Learning Connection, Kirkwood Community College, and the University of Iowa for participating. The message to these students was that the community believes in them and their future.

The video below reminds us that teachers are amazing and together we can be louder. Thank you to all the great partners in this work. Together we can do amazing things.

If you are interested in joining the ICR Future Coalition or would like more details, please contact me at

October 2018 Newsletter

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