What does Computer Science education mean for Iowa?

This article was originally published by NewBoCo on November 19, 2019.


No matter what a student decides they want to be when they grow up, Computer Science is as fundamental a part of their education as Language Arts, Biology, or Mathematics is in the 21st century world. However, more than half of the K-12 schools in Iowa can’t give their students access to this subject because they don’t have teachers qualified to teach it. 

Our goal at NewBoCo is to give students access to Computer Science so that they can become educated creators of technology instead of passive consumers. That’s why NewBoCo is training teachers across the state how to teach computer science.

Through our partnership with Code.org, NewBoCo offers workshops that prepare teachers to immediately begin teaching Computer Science in their classroom, regardless of their prior technical background. They also receive free Computer Science curriculum from Code.org specialized for different grade levels that is tied to national Computer Science, English Language Arts, Math, and Next Generation Science educational standards. Since we began these workshopsin in 2017, we have trained 615 teachers in Iowa who have taught more than 18,000 students a Computer Science class. 

Our goal is that in the next five years, every school in Iowa will have a confident Computer Science teacher. NewBoCo is committed to never passing the cost of these workshops on to our teachers, so we’re raising $20,000 by the end of the year to make our 2020 training season our biggest one yet. We need your help. You can help make our vision a reality by giving a tax-deductible donation to NewBoCo to give every student in Iowa the opportunity to learn, play, and create with Computer Science.

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